Charging Network

Our fully integrated charging network includes L2 & DC Fast Charging Stations, a Mobile App for Drivers and a platform for Property Owners & Operating Managers.

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Full Featured

Software Solution

VoltiE provides an all-in-one software platform for property owners and managers operate and monitor their EV Charging Network.


Control who can access your charging network through the voltiE Mobile App, NFC, RFID Cards, and/or QR codes.

The VoltiE Dashboard provides operators and managers with visibility and control of their charging network.

The voltiE Mobile App allows drivers to find and use charging points in the voltiE Network.

Feature Offerings

Shared Revenue *Fleet Oversight *Payment Processing and Invoicing *Intelligent Ev Charging

Data Protection *& Many more options for experiencing innovation seamlessly and in real-time.

Network Benefits

VoltE installs and services cost-effective turnkey hardware, software & ongoing operating system solutions that turn parking lots into profit centers for owners & operators of commercial and multi-family residential real-estate

No Money Down.

Net Positive Cash Flow From Day 1

Never go Out-of-Pocket


Cutting-Edge Potential in the US Market

By 2030, More Than Half of vehicles on the road Will Be Electric.

In 2022 the Infrastructure Bill allocated over $5 billion for the

More than 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations will be built by 2027. Upcoming years in technology and renewable energy.

PLUS: The estimated demand is for at least 1.2 million additional private chargers to supply electric vehicles on the road by 2030.


Here are 5 frequently asked questions (FAQs) and their respective answers about VoltiE, a company dedicated to EV chargers:

Are you aware that the electric vehicle market will require an additional 1.2 million private chargers by 2030?

What is VoltiE's mission in the EV charging industry?

VoltiE is committed to leading the future of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. We aim to empower electric mobility one charge at a time. Our focus has been on building the necessary infrastructure to make EV charging stations accessible.

How does VoltiE differentiate itself in the market?

VoltiE stands out with industry-leading equipment and a robust network of public EV charging stations. Our diverse product line-up boasts the most advanced equipment in the industry. We're driving the industry forward through our innovation and passion.

What business models does VoltiE offer for host locations?

VoltiE provides flexible business models tailored to different types of locations. We have four unique models:
1. Hybrid Owned: VoltiE covers equipment, operations, and administration costs.
2. VoltiE as a Service: This subscription program offers low upfront costs and ownership control without the hassle.
3. VoltiE Owned: For select locations, VoltiE provides installation, equipment, operations, and administration, sharing revenues with the host.
4. Host Owned: Perfect for service locations, this option allows hosts to be the sole owner and operator of their EV charging stations.

What if a location has budget constraints for implementing EV charging stations?

No budget? No problem. VoltiE offers EV Charging as a Service model, which provides an EV charging station with low upfront costs, allowing even budget-conscious locations to participate in the EV revolution.

What are the advantages of investing in the future of renewable energy through VoltiE's EV charging solutions?

Investing in VoltiE's EV charging solutions means joining a growing technology that is not only environmentally responsible but also financially viable. As the demand for EV charging continues to rise, our innovative business models ensure a profitable opportunity for those looking to venture into this emerging market.