VoltiE Level 2 Charger

The VoltiE Level 2 is a stylish and user-friendly charging solution with a Type 1 connector and smart app integration for easy installation and use. UL-certified, dustproof, and waterproof, ensures the top priority of EV charging safety. In addition, VoltiE level 2 wins Red Dot Award for its distinctive design, it also offers intelligent load management and seamless PV integration for optimized energy usage.


Hardwired/NEMA plug.

3 enclosure colors..

Multiple charging modes..

Certified byy Energy Star.

Eco-Friendly enclosure materials.

Distributed temperature protection

Self-diagnosis system.

NEMA4(IP66) dust & waterproof design.

CCID 20 leakage current protection.

UL listed and certified.

Multi communications (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth

Dynamic load balancing.

PV compatible.

Scheduled charging.