The VoltiE Series DC Charger uses a 30kW constant power module to reduce charging time with high current output. It smartly allocates power to meet different vehicle charging needs for safe and fast charging. With IP54 protection, it adapts to all weather conditions and has multiple protection functions for user safety. Maintenance is easy with support for remote OTA upgrades and operation/maintenance platforms

software update

OCPP 1.6 Json with CMS(OCPP 2.0 upgradeable)

Multiple communication: Ethernet/4G/Wi-Fi/DIN 70121

ISO 15118 compliant

Ingression protection: IP54

Energy Metering Class A

Multi-start mode (QR Code, RFID, Credit Card (Optional)

THD≤5%@100% Loading

Two CCS1 up to 240kW in total

Multiple and simultaneous outputs (CCS1, NACS)